Edinburgh Pregnancy Massage

Congratulations on becoming a mum-to-be!

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience but along with that can come aches, pains and tiredness.

The extra weight can cause problems in muscles and joints leading to disturbed sleep patterns and water retention.

Pregnancy is therefore a time when you would benefit, more than any other, from a relaxing massage.

The benefits can include:

  • reducing oedema, blood pressure and stress
  • relieving varicose veins
  • contributing to developing flexibility to actively participate in the birth process
  • reducing muscularskeletal strain and pain

This 2 hour treatment has been adapted to each stage of your pregnancy.

It will involve work on areas where common problems occur including the spine and pelvis, legs, buttocks and abdomen.

You will be positioned on your side with lots of pillows for extra comfort and support. Feel free to bring along your own relaxation/ hypnobirthing music to play during the massage. 

The massage will end seated on a rocking chair with a relaxing head and face massage (or foot/hand massage) 

Pregnancy massage is perfectly safe throughout pregnancy, however to be on the safe side, pregnancy massage will only be offered after your first scan at around 12-14 weeks.

Please let me know on booking, if your pregnancy is not progressing routinely. 

As a trained midwife I have the background knowledge and you can relax and know you are in safe hands.