Edinburgh Pregnancy Massage

Your tailored post-natal massage treatment will be based on your pregnancy, birth and current post-natal needs.

During pregnancy your muscles and tendons loosen and soften due to the hormone called relaxin. This causes extra stress on the weight bearing joints, such as hips, pelvis, knees and ankles.

A postnatal massage may help :

- reduce physical discomforts and muscle pain due to postural shifts during pregnancy

-assist in healing of the pelvic floor and pelvic realignment

-reduce oedema, relieve varicose veins and increase bood and lymph circulation

-abdominal muscles recover

-boost energy and reduce fatigue and provide emotional support

-encourage healing after caesarian section

-uterus to sink to its original size

- Caesarean section scar to reduce scar tissue, which can help backache, urinary frequency and intercourse discomfort 

As with the pregnancy massage the session will involve a consultation and if appropriate gentle exercises and stretches may be offered.

To gain the best results it is more beneficial to be treated over a period of time, though a one off treatment is a lovely way to have some time to yourself.